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A personal message from our chief technology officer about our commitment to your privacy and the security of your data


Reece Hart, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Dear MyOme Community,

As MyOme's Chief Technology Officer, I'm proud to share our commitment to safeguarding your genetic data. MyOme's first company value is to do what's best for patients. Protecting your sensitive information is not just a compliance issue for us -- it's literally part of our #1 company value.

MyOme upholds strict guidelines regarding the accuracy and ethical standards in our genetic testing and reporting. Our claims about the capabilities of our services are backed by scientific evidence, ensuring that you receive reliable and truthful insights. To complement our mission to provide clinical results that you trust, we also seek to provide security and privacy that is equally worthy of your trust. We recognize that genetic data is not just a collection of information, but a deeply personal aspect of your identity. Therefore, we employ state-of-the-art security measures to enable meaningful use of your data by you and safeguard it against unauthorized access by others.

Your Data, Under Your Control: At MyOme, we firmly believe that your data belongs to you and that it is your right to access, manage, and decide how to share your information. Consistent with Federal Trade Commission guidelines1, we will always seek explicit and informed consent for any use or sharing of your genetic data. And, with your consent, we also enable you to share your anonymized data to public resources in order to improve the quality of genetic information for everyone, aligning with our commitment to transparency and societal benefits.

Robust Privacy and Security, Simplified: Navigating the complexities of data privacy and security can be challenging. At MyOme, we strive to simplify this for you. MyOme carefully safeguards your data while making it easy for you to understand how your data is managed and protected. To ensure the security of your data, all of your data is encrypted in storage and in transit, everywhere and always. Internally, access to systems and data is based on need-to-know. We use opaque identifiers to enhance privacy and we never store credit card information. We ask only for essential information that is relevant to your healthcare and we diligently vet our vendors for compliance and security.

Beyond Compliance, Continuous Improvement: While MyOme is HIPAA compliant, you and your data deserve more than mere compliance. That's why MyOme is dedicated to a continuous process of enhancing, strengthening, and validating our systems to defend your data against inappropriate use. We regularly update our systems to align with the latest security standards and practices, ensuring the highest level of protection.

Thank you for trusting MyOme with your most personal data. My data, and that of my own friends and family, are in our systems. We pledge to protect your data with the utmost integrity, transparency, security, and privacy, just as we do for ourselves.

Reece Hart, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Officer

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