Harnessing the True Power of Genetics

At MyOme, we help families understand their DNA and how it can impact their health and well-being.

Multi-Factorial Conditions

Estimate your lifetime risk for over 25 common medical conditions that are multi-factorial i.e. depend on a combination of variants across many genes (e.g., certain cardiovascular diseases, cancers, autoimmune and psychiatric conditions).

Single Gene Analysis

Identify clinically significant variants for over 100 rare / Mendelian conditions (241 genes) that depend on single genes. Help your doctor understand how you respond to certain drugs based on variance in particular genes.

Family Planning

Leverage the whole genome to reduce the risk of diseases and disease risks being passed from one generation to the next.

Physician Ordered

All tests can be ordered by licensed physicians and genetic counselors are provided so that results can be used to guide your and your family’s healthcare.

What Makes MyOme Different?

MyOme is focused on using well-backed scientific findings and innovative approaches to provide you with actionable insights.

The Whole Genome

We sequence your entire genome not just a small subset, providing almost 10 times more information. This means our analysis includes common and rare DNA variants, and certain structural variants where portions of chromosomes are added, missing or rearranged.


The MyOme team is continuously exploring new measurement technologies and analysis methods to enable meaningful interventions based on your genetics. We conduct research studies to test these methods and evaluate their ability to bring you actionable findings.

Genetic Risk Scores

Genetic risk scores (GRS), also known as polygenic risk scores, are a new way of combining the impact of many variants across the genome. These scores are particularly useful in estimating risk for common conditions like heart disease that are impacted by many genetic factors. Some tests which estimate risk only based on a single variant can be misleading if there are many other relevant variants. 

Embryo Prediction

An example of our unique technology is the ability to reconstruct the entire genome of an embryo, so that one can apply polygenic models and whole genome analysis to embryo selection in IVF.